Ebuka Omaliko the founder and Creative Director of Maliko solely designs his footwear and accessories and has done so since the inception of the brand.


Every piece Maliko creates begins as a free hand sketch using his pencil. Once he has sketched an entire collection. Ebuka brings his drawing to his studio in Lagos where he works with in-house artisans on how to bring the sketch to life.


“My designs are inspired by my interactions with people and circumstances around me and they strongly tend to explore different colours and texture of leather extensively engaging artisans of different craft to produce pieces using ethical materials thoughtfully sourced from Nigeria”.


Ebuka is involved in every stage of the process of building his pieces and he carefully creates each sample to ensure that they match his original vision.


In order to meet his rigorous standard, He customises his lasts to suit the shape of his designs. Then the artisans study the prototype to make the exact copies to meet orders.


Each Maliko piece is given a name chosen by Ebuka Omaliko himself. Each piece is an iconic expression of his inner personality. Ebuka believes that his exclusive engagement of Local artisans in his designs will go a long way in providing ageless and sustainability of these crafts.